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  1. Over 300 Video Content Ideas: Never run out of topics or scripts!
  2. Master the Art of ChatGPT: I walk you through 120 minutes of a power-packed, guided, on-screen, step-by-step tour of how and why the prompts work.
  3. Detailed Video Planning Guide: Craft your videos with precision and finesse with this guide created so you don't miss a step.
  4. High Converting Hooks and CTAs: 42 of each - all from influencers - big and small. (In other words, they work!)
  5. Revolutionize Video Recording: Long gone are the days of anxiety-driven, script memorizing procrastination.

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This is the opportunity to revolutionize your brand and your business with video content. This AI-Powered Video Acceleration Toolkit is your ultimate companion. Elevate your brand, captivate your audience and drive unmatched results.

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Vicki O'Neill, Video Content Strategist Extraordinaire

**Due to the nature of this training, all sales are final**